Lower Left Back Pain: Causes, Treatments and When to See a Doctor

Lower Left Back Pain: Causes, Treatments and When to See a Doctor:

Decrease left again ache is a situation that impacts many individuals – younger and previous. Fairly often, decrease again ache impacts only one facet of your physique and might trigger discomfort starting from gentle aches to agonizing sharp ache. Decrease again ache can be known as lumbago as a result of it causes discomfort in your lumbar area or decrease again. That is the world in your decrease again that’s above your hips and under the underside of your again rib cage. Muscle harm, nerve injury, or issues with inside organs can all end in ache within the decrease left again facet.

Decrease left again ache might also trigger different painful signs on the left-hand facet of your physique. For instance, if pinched nerves are inflicting you ache in your decrease left again, you might need a tingling sensation or capturing pains in your left leg. Nevertheless, it may be tough to diagnose the precise reason behind decrease again ache in the left facet. Kidney infections and kidney stones may cause ache that radiates to your left decrease again or proper again. Additionally, many ladies expertise again ache in their left lumbar area due to issues with their reproductive system.

On this article, you’ll find out about numerous causes of decrease left again ache. Additionally, you will discover out what to do for those who undergo from aches and pains in your left again space under your ribcage.

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Signs of Decrease Left Again Ache

Circumstances that end in again ache in your decrease left facet can be related to signs that may trigger discomfort in different components of your physique.

After all, you probably have muscle issues or trapped nerves in your decrease backbone, it is likely to be sore to face in a single place for a very long time, bend over, or rise up from a seating place. Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy on WebMD says that any such ache can vary from an uninteresting ache to capturing again pains.

Together with decrease again ache, you might need ache that’s felt in your groin or decrease stomach space.

In response to the Nationwide Institute of Neurological Problems and Stroke, decrease again ache that simply impacts one facet of your again could be brought on by an infection or irritation in your inside organs. This could trigger the ache to be so extreme that it’s crippling.Together with the again ache, you might need a burning sensation while you urinate, decrease stomach cramping ache, and cloudy urine. You might also have indicators of a fever and really feel nauseous.

Many ladies expertise extra decrease left again ache than males due to points with their menstrual cycle. For instance, being pregnant can put extra pressure on the decrease again and trigger ache on each the left facet and proper facet of them again. Or situations like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids may end up in gentle to extreme aches within the decrease left again together with irregularities within the menstrual cycle and irregular vaginal bleeding.

Decrease Left Again Ache Attributable to Muscular and Backbone Issues – Causes and Remedies

Let’s take a look at the varied the explanation why you may really feel the ache in your decrease left again and what you are able to do to deal with the again ache at the residence.

Damage to decrease left again

Damage to the joints, ligaments, muscle tissue and tendons in your left lumbar space may cause decrease again ache in the left-hand facet. Your decrease again performs a vital function in serving to help your higher physique and guarantee easy physique motion so to stroll or run correctly.

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet says traumatic harm or put on and tear are frequent causes for decrease again ache. Damage to the decrease again can rupture a disc between the vertebrae within the backbone and trigger again ache that makes it tough to stroll or bend over. Relying on the nerve or muscle that was injured, decrease again ache might radiate to your groin, stomach, or down your leg.

Dr. Carol DerSarkissian on WebMD recommends utilizing a chilly pack for the preliminary again harm. You need to place a chilly pack on the sore space and maintain for 10 to 15 minutes each hour. Proceed to make use of the chilly pack for the primary 2 days after the harm to forestall swelling and bruising in your decrease again.

After 2 days of ice remedy, you must use a warmth pack to hurry up the therapeutic course of and ease ache in your decrease left again. You will discover directions on easy methods to use a warmth again for again ache on the finish of this text.

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Muscle pressure in decrease left again

Muscle pressure is one other kind of harm that may trigger left-sided decrease again ache and have an effect on your each day actions. The ensuing ache from the decrease again harm could be gentle to the extreme, relying on the extent of pressure to the muscle tissue, tendons, or ligaments of the decrease again.

In response to analysis printed in the journal BMJ, low again pressure and ache within the lumbar area is the main reason behind missed days at work and is turning into a worldwide epidemic. Many medical professionals level carrying heavy baggage as a standard purpose for decrease again ache at work.

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet says that acute decrease again aches on the left facet could be lumbar pressure brought on by overuse of the again muscle tissue, incorrectly lifting heavy objects, or carrying heavy baggage. This ends in microscopic tears within the tissues within the decrease again. This causes again ache within the lumbar area when strolling, getting up from a chair or bending over.

To deal with acute and persistent again ache, you could find some helpful concepts in my article on easy methods to do away with muscle soreness. You must also attempt to enhance your posture to forestall again ache to inflict discomfort in your each day actions.


Your sciatic nerve runs out of your decrease again space down the size of every leg. Normally, sciatica solely impacts one facet of your physique, so in case your left sciatic nerve is irritated or pinched, you should have decrease left again ache.

Medical doctors from the Nationwide Wellbeing Service say that sciatica may cause stabbing, capturing, or burning pains that you simply really feel in your decrease again, buttocks, again of your legs, and toes. The again ache and leg ache might worsen while you transfer, cough, or sneeze. Nevertheless, in case your sole symptom is decrease left again ache or decrease properly again ache, then you definitely most likely don’t have sciatica.

One of the simplest ways to deal with sciatica naturally is to do light workouts to assist enhance motion and scale back nerve irritation. You may also use warmth packs to assist do away with the sciatic ache. For an extra useful recommendation on treating sciatica naturally at the residence, please learn my articles on yoga stretches for sciatic ache, easy methods to use a foam curler for sciatica, and easy methods to use a tennis ball for sciatic ache reduction.

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Herniated disc

You’ll expertise extreme sharp decrease left again ache if a disc in your backbone bulges or ruptures. Spinal discs are small jelly-like discs that assist help your backbone and act as shock absorbers. If a disc in your backbone herniates it will probably irritate surrounding nerves and trigger ache, numbness, or weak point. This could occur attributable to put on and tear or via harm.

Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that almost all herniated or ruptured discs happen in your decrease again. The herniated disc will trigger decrease again ache in addition to extreme ache in your thigh, buttocks, and calf muscle tissue.

One option to stop a disc in your again or neck rupturing is to repeatedly train to strengthen your again muscle tissue. It is usually vital to maintaining posture, which can be a reason behind decrease again ache on the left facet.

Poor posture

Poor posture whereas sitting or standing may end up in decrease again ache that simply impacts one facet of your physique. Not standing appropriately or sitting correctly can put further pressure on your decrease again and trigger muscle tissue and tendons to stiffen up and change into a sore.

In response to medical professionals from the Victoria State Authorities, one of the crucial frequent signs of poor posture is decrease again ache. Dangerous posture may trigger normal physique aches and ache, muscle fatigue, and have an effect on muscle power.

There are numerous useful workouts to enhance posture by strengthening your neck muscle tissue, stress-free your shoulders, and strengthening your core muscle tissue.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory situation of the backbone that may trigger ache and stiffness in your decrease again. The again ache that ankylosing spondylitis causes occur when vertebrae in your backbone fuse collectively and restricts motion in your again.

Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that the early symptom of ankylosing spondylitis is ache within the decrease again and hips particularly after intervals of inactivity. The ache generally impacts the world on the base of your backbone and vertebrae in your decrease again.

Ankylosing spondylitis is often handled by relieving irritation and ache within the affected space. The Bodily remedy can be helpful in slowing the development of the situation and assist enhance sleep patterns by decreasing ache throughout the nighttime.


Arthritis that impacts your lumbar area will often trigger various levels of decrease again ache on the left facet or proper facet, relying on the place the arthritis is.

Dr. Jason Eck on eMedicineHealth says that lumbar spinal stenosis is an arthritic situation that may compress the nerves within the decrease again. This could trigger stabbing pains when strolling in addition to tingling and numbness in the legs.

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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Decrease left again and groin ache could be extreme when there are issues together with your sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The sacroiliac joint is on the base of your backbone and connects your backbone to your pelvic bone. Irritation, arthritis, or injury to your SI joint can all trigger irritation and ache in your lumbar area.

In response to Dr. Tyler Wheeler on WebMD, SI joint dysfunction causes gentle to sharp ache in your decrease left again or proper again. These aches can unfold to your higher again, thighs, and groin. Dr. Wheeler says that a lot of the time, you solely really feel ache on one facet of your decrease again

Warmth remedy treatments are nice to alleviate ache in the left facet of your decrease again and might help to ease discomfort brought on by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


Osteoporosis that impacts the left facet of your again may cause a substantial amount of ache and discomfort in that space. Osteoporosis occurs when bone construction and power get lowered and causes bones to change into brittle. This could trigger bones to simply fracture and break and be one of many many causes of ache within the decrease again.

The Journal of the Japan Medical Affiliation reported that weakened bone construction via osteoporosis is a reason behind each acute decrease again ache and persistent again ache below your ribs. The lumbar ache that happens in the left facet or proper facet could be brought on by a bone fracture that ends in acute sharp ache within the again. Another excuse is that proper sided or left sided lumbago can occur as a result of weak bones end in injury to the backbone’s vertebrae and trigger strain on nerves within the decrease again.

There are numerous methods to forestall osteoporosis naturally. For instance, consuming meals which might be wealthy in calcium can strengthen bones and make them stronger. Additionally, vitamin D is vital to forestall brittle bones and plenty of different well-being issues.

Decrease Left Again Ache from Inside Organs – Causes and Remedies

Typically, uninteresting aches or sharp pains in your decrease left again could be brought on by issues with organs in your stomach space. The decrease left a part of your again contains the left kidney, which is positioned in direction of your again, just under the rib cage.

A part of your abdomen, intestines, and colon are additionally positioned on the left facet of your stomach and, often, you probably have any digestive issues, the digestive-related ache might also to be felt on the decrease left facet of your again.

Ladies even have a part of their reproductive system on the left facet of their physique. For instance, ovarian cyst on the left ovary can be a supply of ache in ladies within the decrease a part of their again.

Kidney an infection

Your kidneys are positioned in your center again and an infection in your left kidney could be a reason behind left-hand sided decrease again ache. Kidney infections are brought about when microorganism get into your urinary system and make their option to your kidneys. This ends in irritation and might make urination painful.

In response to medical doctors from the Nationwide Wellbeing Service, kidney infections may cause an ache in your again in addition to flank ache. Different painful indicators of a kidney an infection embody persistent ache within the pelvic space or stomach.

Nevertheless, in accordance with Dr. William Shiel on MedicineNet, kidney an infection will trigger again ache slightly below the ribs and can really feel deeper than normal again ache from muscle pressure. The ache can generally be felt on each side of yours again, whereas, different instances the deep aching simply impacts one facet of your again.

In an effort to take care of the well being of your kidneys, you must keep away from these frequent habits that injury your kidneys and drink loads of fluids to flush out toxins out of your kidneys and urinary system.

Kidney stones

One other downside together with your kidneys that may trigger flank ache or decrease again ache on one facet of your physique is kidney stones. These are small deposits of minerals and salts that construct as much as kind tiny stones. Although the stones could be tiny, they’ll trigger excruciating ache that travels out of your center again to 1 facet in your decrease again after which to your groin.

Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic describe what the ache of kidney stones appears like. The ache can come and go in waves beginning out of your again or facet just under your ribs. When the kidney stone strikes, it will probably trigger ache in the groin and decrease stomach and it’s possible you’ll discover that it’s painful to pee.

Researchers from the Nationwide Institute of Neurological Problems and Stroke say that usually, the ache of kidney stones impacts solely your left again or proper again at a time.

Consuming apple cider vinegar is an efficient option to dissolve kidney stones naturally and cease them from inflicting again ache and pelvic ache.

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Your pancreas is discovered in the left facet of your stomach and irritation within the small organ could be a reason behind decrease left again ache. Your pancreas is crucial for preserving your digestive system wholesome. If for some purpose your pancreas turns into infected you may additionally have a higher stomach ache that radiates to your again and probably nausea and vomiting with a fever.

Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that ache pancreatitis causes could be extreme and debilitating. Acute pancreatitis ache might come on abruptly whereas persistent ache from an infected pancreas might trigger a continuing ache in the higher stomach and again.

Urinary tract an infection (UTI)

Among the many signs of a urinary tract an infection, Dr. Trina Pagano on WebMD says which you can really feel decrease again ache. Nevertheless, the overall signs of a UTI are painful urination that appears cloudy and has a foul scent to it. You might also have an elevated must pee extra incessantly.

There are some pure methods to assist deal with the primary signs of a urinary tract an infection. For instance, ingesting baking soda water could be used to neutralize the acid in your urine and scale back irritation in your urinary tract.

Gastrointestinal Causes of Decrease Left Again Ache – The way to Deal with Them Naturally

Typically decrease again ache that impacts your left facet could be a result of digestive upset or a persistent digestive situation.

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory digestive situation that may trigger decrease left again ache. It’s not recognized what causes ulcerative colitis, however, a sufferer may have irritation in small areas of the colon that causes diarrhea after consuming and probably blood in stools.

Researchers from Baylor Faculty of Medication say that some types of again ache and arthritis are related to ulcerative colitis. In response to medical doctors on WebMD, treating ulcerative colitis will depend on the severity of your situation and often contains medicines and adjustments in weight loss plan.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

In addition to inflicting decrease stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome can be accountable for backaches. Nevertheless, IBS often causes digestive upset like diarrhea, constipation, and greasy stools.

IBS is a tough gastrointestinal situation to handle. Nevertheless, some pure treatments for IBS embody taking peppermint capsules to calm your decrease intestines, following the low FODMAP weight loss plan, and making an attempt to eradicate stress as a lot as you may.


Diverticulitis is a situation the place small pocket within the colon change into contaminated and trigger irritation and ache. The extreme ache that comes on abruptly in your decrease again could be a severe complication of diverticulitis. Nevertheless, in accordance with Dr. Subodh Lal on MedlinePlus, diverticulitis often causes decrease left stomach ache together with a sense of bloating and nausea.

To assist handle the painful discomfort that diverticulitis causes, consuming an excessive fiber weight loss plan and ingesting heat water, in addition to taking digestive enzymes and probiotic dietary supplements can deal with the signs of diverticulitis.

Causes and Remedies of Decrease Left Again Ache in Ladies

Many ladies expertise ache within the left facet of their again as a part of their common menstrual cycle or attributable to a number of situations of the reproductive organs.

Ovarian cyst

Typically ovarian cysts may cause left-sided decrease again ache. In response to Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet, ovarian cysts may cause low again ache. When you have a cyst on the left ovary you’ll almost definitely really feel the ache in your decrease left again.

Different indicators of cysts in your ovaries embody recognizing earlier than your interval, stomach and pelvic cramping that isn’t related together with your interval, and irregular month-to-month cycles.

Being pregnant

Most ladies who’re pregnant expertise some form of decrease again ache in their left facet or proper facet. In response to Dr. Trina Pagano on WebMD, decrease again ache often begins throughout the second trimester. Normally, low again ache that impacts pregnant ladies is brought on by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Different causes of decrease left again ache throughout being pregnant embody stress, weight achieve, and ache in the stomach muscle tissue may trigger pelvic ache in ladies. To do away with again ache throughout being pregnant, Dr. Pagano recommends warmth remedy on the decrease again space to assist ease discomfort and make shifting round simpler.


Ongoing decrease again aches in your left or proper facet and pelvic discomfort in ladies could possibly be one of many indicators of endometriosis. Endometriosis happens when endometrial tissue grows in the fallopian tubes. In response to Dr. William Blahd on WebMD, this ends in cramping and aches simply earlier than your interval and through your interval and in addition ache throughout bowel actions.

Normally, a warmth pad might help to alleviate cramping in the stomach and ache within the decrease again that endometriosis causes.

Uterine fibroids

Though it’s fairly uncommon, an indication of uterine fibroids could be aches in your decrease left again. Researchers from the College of California San Franciso say that irregular growths in your reproductive organs may cause low again ache. Medical doctors say that as a result of uterine fibroids are an uncommon reason behind again ache simply above the waistline, you must begin with a search for different causes of again ache.

Pelvic inflammatory illness (PID)

Pelvic inflammatory illness is a bacterial an infection of the reproductive organs that may trigger low again ache. Nevertheless, in accordance with Dr. Louise Newson on Affected person.data, the primary symptom of PID is cramping pelvic ache that may be extreme, irregular vaginal bleeding or discharge, ache throughout intercourse and excessive fever.

Different Causes of Decrease Left Again Ache and The way to Deal with Them at Residence

Other than the numerous causes of again ache that impacts the decrease left a part of your again, there are another causes for the discomfort.


Fibromyalgia is a persistent situation that causes muscle ache within the physique. Fibromyalgia suffers can expertise acute ache of their decrease again that solely lasts a short while or the again ache could be persistent and have an effect on their high quality of life.

Dr. Melinda Ratini on WebMD says that fibromyalgia may cause endless again ache in addition to ache in joints. If the ache is felt within the joint of the left facet of the decrease backbone, then you may have extreme decrease again ache brought on by fibromyalgia.

Some important oils are nice for alleviating muscle ache brought on by fibromyalgia and may scale back irritation. You may also discover useful info in my article on managing persistent fatigue and fibromyalgia naturally with this pure complement.


Shingles impacts the nerves in your physique and might trigger decrease left again ache in case your left again has been affected by this viral an infection.

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet says that shingles often simply causes ache and different signs on one facet of the physique. The again ache often begins off as a burning or tingling sensation earlier than turning into extra extreme. A rash will then develop within the space of the physique the place the varicella-zoster virus has affected the nerves.

You may deal with decrease left again ache brought on by shingle utilizing Manuka and clover honey, or strive these important oils.

The way to Deal with Decrease Left Again Ache

Among the best methods to deal with decrease left again ache or ache on the best facet of your decrease again is to use a warmth pad. Warmth helps to extend blood circulation to the sore muscle tissue and ligaments to hurry up the therapeutic course of. Such a pain-relief remedy for decrease left again ache can be utilized to alleviate again ache brought on by strained muscle tissue, irritation of inside organs, or again ache related to a girl’s menstrual cycle.

For info on when to make use of chilly or warmth pack for muscle pressure and harm, please learn my article on utilizing chilly and warmth remedy for muscle ache and stiff joints.

Dr. Carol DerSarkissian on WebMD says that warmth packs are a good way for relieving decrease again ache, higher again ache, muscle spasms, stomach cramping, fibromyalgia, stiff joints, and easing lowered joint motion within the decrease again.

The way to Use:

That is easy methods to make your individual warmth pack at residence to ease decrease left again ache:

  1. Fill a clear sock with rice or one other dry grain leaving sufficient room to tie it on the high.
  2. Place the sock in a microwave and warmth for two minutes on full energy.
  3. Dip a clear washcloth in scorching water and wring out the surplus.
  4. Wrap the warmth pad within the heat moist towel as that can assist the warmth penetrate your pores and skin simpler.
  5. Place on the left facet of your decrease again and maintain there for 20 minutes to assist ease the ache and scale back muscle and joint stiffness.
  6. Repeat Three-Four instances a day till all indicators of ache in your decrease left again have gone.

When to See a Physician for Ache in Decrease Left Again

Diagnosing the underlying reason behind decrease left again ache could be a problem. Due to this fact, you probably have again ache that lasts for greater than 2 days and you’ll’t get reduction utilizing residence treatments for again ache, you must see a health care provider.

In response to Dr. Louise Chang on WebMD, a few of the warning indicators of decrease left again ache meaning you must see a health care provider embody the next:

  • Decrease again ache or center again ache accompanied by a fever.
  • Trauma to your again that causes ache that lasts for various days and doesn’t get higher.
  • Numbness in your legs or fixed tingling feeling down one or each legs.
  • Lack of bowel or bladder operate because of a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or fracture to the backbone.
  • Decrease again ache on both facet of your physique that interferes together with your each day actions or sleep.
  • Decrease again ache that turns into persistent and final for longer than 6 weeks.

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