How to Get Rid of Head Lice at Home

How to Get Rid of Head Lice at Home:-Head lice are a standard drawback amongst college going kids. Seeing your baby scratching head typically just isn’t a wholesome signal. Dad and mom panic loads once they discover their youngsters bothered by head lice. Many of the kids get head lice at some or the opposite level of time. Head lice are additionally an issue for a lot of adults. However how do you get these head lice?

What causes Head Lice?

If you happen to suppose having head lice means you could have soiled hair, it’s not true. Lice doesn’t see in case your head is clear or soiled, they only want human blood to outlive and so they get this from any head- clear or soiled!

Head-to-head contact causes lice. This enables the lice to crawl from the top the place they already are to the top that is available in its contact. Often, kids have face to face contact in several environments, as an illustration, within the college, whereas taking part in outdoor with buddies, at buddies’ house, tuition centre, and so on. Largely, kids aged Four to 13 years are affected by head lice.

Head lice doesn’t trigger any illness however result in excessive itchiness of scalp. An excessive amount of itchiness generally causes an infection of the scalp.

Head lice can create quite a lot of different troubles, bodily and emotionally. As quickly as you discover the transferring lice or nits within the hair, it’s best to take acceptable steps to take away it instantly. If you happen to want to eliminate head lice, do not forget that it’s a long run course of. It’s not possible to eliminate head lice in a single day, although, yow will discover a sure diploma of aid from head lice after making an attempt a treatment for even the primary time.

Info about Head Lice and Lice infestation

On what and the way lengthy do head lice survive?

They survive on human blood. With out human blood they don’t survive. Even when they fall off the hair, they’ll discover the hair and attempt to persist with it. Nonetheless, they don’t survive for greater than 2 days with out blood.

Head lice just isn’t a illness however result in discomfort

Head lice are neither a illness nor trigger any illness. Head lice could make you’re feeling too itchy, embarrassed and uncomfortable. It creates quite a lot of discomfort and disturbs you numerous as a result of itchiness of scalp.

Head lice make the scalp itchy, dry and liable to wounds

Fixed scraping and scratching makes the scalp very dry and itchy. This damages the scalp and results in wounds, flaky scalp, and so on. If not handled, this may increasingly additionally trigger scalp an infection.

Head lice infests even the clear hair

Having head lice doesn’t imply you’re soiled. Neither your hygiene is compromised neither is your surroundings soiled. Head lice might develop even within the cleanest surroundings. Lice don’t care whether or not your hair is soiled or clear. So, don’t really feel dangerous about your self whenever you discover lice in your child’s hair!

Head lice and nits

Though you may eradicate the matured ones, it takes quite a lot of time to eliminate nits. Matured head lice and child lice could be eliminated successfully in just a few weeks. Nonetheless, it is rather tough to eliminate the nits as they get struck to the hair and hair roots.

Head lice have excessive re-infestation charge

Head lice infest at a speedy tempo. It’s considerably tough to regulate the infestation rapidly. In the event that they fall off the top, they instantly rush for one more head or hair for survival. Aside from this, with out eradicating the nits, you can not completely eliminate the top lice. If you happen to don’t take away the nits, the nits hatch into child eggs, develop, and breed on hair. It’s a cyclic course of and until you kill and take away all of the nits, you can not utterly eliminate head lice.

Utilizing Anti-lice Merchandise for Head Lice

In the case of treating head lice, many individuals go for anti-lice haircare merchandise to eliminate the lice rapidly. A few of these anti-lice merchandise embrace,

  • Medicated anti-lice shampoos
  • Medicated anti-lice oils
  • Medicated lotions and cream rinses (cream rinses should not appropriate for youthful kids)
  • Hair sprays

These merchandise come helpful to take away head lice. You should buy any lotion or spray advisable by the native pharmacist. Bear in mind, you need to use a lotion or spray solely whenever you discover the dwelling louse. In any other case, the sprays or medicated oils aren’t actually wanted. They don’t seem to be a lot efficient for nits removing.

Nonetheless, to make it simpler it’s best to use the product exactly, as instructed.

  • Use the product as soon as per week or as soon as in 10 days. Since it might comprise chemical based mostly elements or toxins, you may strive it sparingly and on a vacation in order that it doesn’t have an effect on different youngsters negatively.
  • After making use of the cream or lotion, tie the hair and wrap in a towel. It prevents lice from falling off and discovering a brand new shelter.
  • It’s endorsed to remain away and stay idle till all of the lice die and fall off into the wrapped towel. That is strongly advisable in case of extreme lice infestation. This would possibly take just a few hours. Subsequently, it’s good to make use of such anti-lice merchandise at night time in order that the lifeless lice might get collected into the wrapped towel and you could clear your baby correctly within the morning.
  • If you happen to or your baby doesn’t have nits on hair, you may take away the lice simply in two or three functions of such anti-lice shampoos, oils or different merchandise.
  • Preserve a watch and examine for nits or any dwelling lice after each Three to five days. If there are nits or tiny lice, they might hatch and develop. So, utilizing the OTC lotions is probably not useful to forestall the lice infestation.

Normal precautions when utilizing OTC anti-lice merchandise for hair

Some normal precautions for utilizing the over-the-counter merchandise to take away head lice embrace the next

  • Observe all of the directions offered within the product leaflet, specifically, amount of the lotion, process to use, how lengthy you may stick with the product utilized on the top, frequency of utilization, and so on.
  • Shut the eyes (or in case you are making use of in your child, let the kid shut the eyes) whereas making use of such anti-lice therapies. You may also place a fabric over the eyes as a further precaution to forestall the shampoo or lotion from getting into into the eyes.
  • Be sure to scrub or clear your fingers correctly with a disinfectant after making use of anti-lice merchandise to your hair or after eradicating the nits with fingers.
  • Many of the head lice topical lotions carry an disagreeable odor. Your hair might retain the odor even after washing. So, you may wash the hair with common shampoo or conditioner the subsequent day, following the top lice therapy. Washing your hair with common shampoo might not let the anti lice product work successfully.

Don’t use any topical software to take away head lice in case of,

  • Infants underneath the age of two years
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Individuals with pores and skin an infection, allergy and bronchial asthma.

If you happen to aren’t positive about utilizing any head lice product, seek the advice of with a dermatologist and get the prescription.  The truth is, you could consider utilizing house cures to eliminate head lice as these merchandise should not very efficient in coping with lice and nits.

Why the OTC anti-lice merchandise aren’t actually efficient to eliminate head lice?

Many of the over-the-counter medicines in addition to prescription hair care merchandise doesn’t work successfully to take away head lice utterly. These anti-lice shampoos in addition to medicated oils meant for lice therapy give a symptomatic aid solely. They’ll solely kill the reside lice and can’t harm the nits that develop into a menace. Though you may eliminate head lice by usually utilizing the OTC shampoo or prescription product, it’s not a everlasting resolution to eliminate head lice. They can not forestall the recurrence of lice. These options chemically react on the lice, which can not forestall their infestation too.

As well as, these medicines comprise poisonous components and chemical substances that will hurt your baby. It may trigger allergic response in your scalp and pores and skin. Utilizing the medicines additionally make the hair extraordinarily dry and liable to an infection of scalp.

Nonetheless, you may strive the OTC merchandise to eliminate head lice initially when it’s not that extreme a problem. You may proceed with house cures or pure options to eliminate head lice when and in the event you see one or two software of those merchandise should not providing you with the specified results of full restoration. It’s possible you’ll, in actual fact, use house cures within the very starting and forgo these chemical merchandise altogether, particularly in case of small youngsters.

One of the best ways to eliminate head lice is utilizing the house therapies and pure cures.

Pure Cures to eliminate Head Lice

There are a lot of pure options, natural cures and easy at-home therapies obtainable to eliminate head lice.

Combing to Get Rid of Head Lice

Combing is one of the best technique to eliminate head lice. Combing the hair with fine-toothed comb or a lice comb is an efficient resolution to take away head lice, not less than, whenever you discover the issue quickly, simply after lice infestation begins. As quickly as you discover the lice infestation, use the lice comb to take away the top lice earlier than it breeds. As a substitute of shopping for the plastic combs, you may select the picket combs too.

The important thing to eradicating the lice by combing includes, eradicating the hair from tangles and separating the hair into small sections.

  • Utilizing an everyday comb, detangle the hair and separate the locks into smaller sections.
  • Now use the tremendous toothed comb, ideally particular anti-lice combs having very tremendous enamel. The comb enamel ought to be spaced tightly to entice the lice.
  • At all times unfold a white towel or paper beneath the size of the hair in order that the falling lice can not escape as you might simply see the black creatures crawling over the white floor.
  • You may comb the hair to take away the top lice in two methods, specifically oil combing and moist combing. Moisture within the hair and scalp assist scale back the motion of lice. The truth is, lice can not transfer in a sticky surroundings. So, eradicating head lice in moist or oiled hair is a straightforward course of.

Right here is how one can oil comb and moist comb the hair to eliminate head lice.

Oil Combing

Oil combing is the normal methodology used for ages to take away head lice. That is totally different from common software of oil to your hair. Oil is utilized generously on the hair from root to the tip.

In olden days, individuals used castor oil or sesame oil for hair. In the case of eradicating head lice, you need to use any oil that doesn’t have the scented perfume. As an illustration, don’t use the oils with aroma like almond oil.  Fragrant oil is totally different from important oil that has the aroma. Don’t confuse the scented oil with important oil. You should utilize coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil for one of the best results. These oils have their pure odor however should not too aromatic.

  • Detangle the hair and apply the oil. (Eradicating the knots helps separating the hair into small sections and comb accordingly)
  • Therapeutic massage the scalp gently as you apply the oil.
  • Apply a beneficiant quantity of oil. It ought to seem like as when you’ve got soaked the hair within the oil.
  • Tie the hair for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Comb the hair with a traditional comb to be sure that the hair is free from knots and tangles.
  • Separate the hair into two sections, left and proper. Cut up the parted hair into small sections to ease the combing.
  • Separate the hair into small sections and comb each half meticulously.
  • Take the comb and draw it down, from the highest in direction of the top of the hair. Be sure that the tip of the comb enamel touches the scalp.
  • Test the comb for lice and take away them when seen.
  • After each stroke, take away the lice from the comb.
  • You may take away about 80 % of the top lice utilizing the oil combing methodology. This contains each matured lice in addition to child lice, besides the nits.
  • After combing, tie the hair loosely and wash it after 30 minutes utilizing common shampoo or shikakai. Shikakai is a herb good for cleaning hair.


Moist Combing

The method of moist combing is just like oil combing. Nonetheless, it’s best to comb the hair after washing it with a shampoo.

  • Wash the hair with an everyday shampoo or medicated shampoo. You don’t want any separate lotion or spray for moist combing.
  • Apply quite a lot of conditioner to maintain the hair free from tangles.
  • Squeeze out the surplus water, however be sure that hair is absolutely moist.
  • Moist hair controls the motion of lice; they will’t transfer freely and persist with the hair.
  • Comb the hair as talked about within the steps for oil combing.
  • You may simply eliminate a lot of the matured lice from the top his manner.

Repeat the oil combing or moist combing course of as soon as in each three days to clear the lice as they hatch periodically. Nonetheless, eradicating the nits from the top is important to eliminate head lice utterly and to forestall the re-infestation of head lice too.

How lengthy it’s best to comb is set by the kind of the hair, size and extent of lice infestation. Those that endure from extreme infestation might not be capable to take away even 50 % of head lice in a single software.

Is combing adequate to eliminate head lice?

So long as you don’t see the lice hatching the nits, you may eliminate head lice simply by usually combing the hair utilizing the lice comb.

Dwelling Cures to Management the Infestation of Lice and Nits

To eliminate head lice, first it’s best to take away the matured lice and child lice. If you happen to don’t have nits, you may strive the pure cures ceaselessly to regulate the expansion of lice. You probably have nits, it’s best to kill the nits and take away them utterly. Bear in mind, even one or two lice in your head can result in re-infestation of lice. Following pure cures, you may management the lice and stop infestation.

1. Neem – Strongest treatment to eliminate head lice

Neem or the Indian Lilac, generally additionally referred to as margosa, is one of the best treatment to eliminate lice. It kills each lice and nits. Neem leaves comprise quite a lot of medicinal properties. Topical software of neem leaves paste destroys the lice and you may take away it utilizing comb with ease. Even when you’ve got nits, utilizing neem leaves is useful. Nonetheless, you must take away the nits utilizing a picket nit comb.  To eliminate lice, controls infestation and kill the nits through the use of neem within the following manner.

apply neem for head lice removing?

Neem Paste

Neem paste is simpler than neem oil. It retains a lot of the medicinal values and removes the lice and likewise kills the nits.

  • Collect recent neem leaves. (select the matured neem leaves; they’re simpler than the newborn leaves)
  • Grind the neem leaves right into a tremendous paste by including just a few drops of water.
  • Alternatively, you may boil the neem leaves after which make a paste
  • The paste ought to be fluffy and smooth. Coarse or uneven paste makes it tough to use.
  • Be sure the hair is free from tangles
  • Apply the neem paste.
  • Be sure that the neem paste covers all of the hair correctly, together with the size of the hair.
  • Tie the hair and wrap in a skinny towel.
  • Let it keep for 2-Three hours.
  • Rinse the hair and wash the hair with gentle shampoo.
  • You may also use shikakai to scrub the hair
  • In a single wash, you may take away a lot of the matured and child lice.
  • Apply neem paste not less than 2-Three occasions per week till all of the lice are eliminated
Neem Oil
  • If you happen to can tolerate the aroma of the neem oil, you should purchase the neem oil from the shops.
  • You may also make neem oil by boiling dried neem leaves in mustard oil or coconut oil.
  • Apply neem oil to hair and scalp
  • Put on a head cowl or wrap the top at night time and go to mattress.
  • The oil ought to keep for no less than Four hours.
  • Wash the hair
  • Moist comb the hair and take away the lice.

2. Candy Flag for Lice and Nits

Candy flag, additionally referred to as Calamus is likely one of the staples utilized in many houses. Candy flag has been a boon to the infants and toddlers. Candy flag has additionally been used as an immune booster which prevents the infants from falling sick. Candy flag is likely one of the efficient pure cures for head lice and nits.

Candy flag seems like a skinny, gentle and dry rhizome. It has a novel aroma. Candy flag is a non-toxic treatment for head lice and you need to use it to your baby with none hesitation. As well as, it additionally aids in wholesome hair development. Candy flag not solely kills the lice, but additionally the nits.

Utilizing candy flag a couple of times per week supplies you wholesome, black and lustrous hair with no traces of lice and dandruff.

use candy flag for head lice?

Candy flag is obtainable in lots of shops promoting Ayurvedic and pure medicines. It may be utilized in two methods, candy flag paste and candy flag smoked powder.

Candy flag paste:
  • Soak the dry rhizome in milk for five minutes.
  • Rub the rhizome on a stone and extract the paste.
  • Apply the paste on the scalp and hair.
  • Tie the hair and wash it off after 2 hours.
Candy flag smoked powder:

This is likely one of the time-tested cures for head lice and wholesome hair.

  • Burn the dry rhizome by immediately inserting the stick on the hearth. You should utilize candle or fuel range flame. ( Extra tip: Inhaling the smoke of the candy flag clears the sinus block and enhances the respiratory perform)
  • As soon as it’s absolutely burned, you may simply break the rhizome into small items and crush them into smooth powder. When it could possibly be carried out simply, you realize you could have burned it to the suitable diploma. Make a tremendous powder out of it.
  • Alternatively, it’s also possible to grind the smoked rhizome into tremendous smooth powder.
  • Add sesame oil or virgin coconut oil to the powder. One half powder could be blended with two elements oil.
  • The smoked powder will dissolve within the oil and the colour of the oil will develop into turbo black.
  • You should utilize it as common hair oil or apply the oil earlier than you’re taking bathtub.
  • The oil kills the lice and nits. It protects the hair in opposition to lice infestation.

Nonetheless, it’s best to use a nit comb to take away the nits from the hair.

Three. Use Hair Dryer to Kill the Nits

Whereas moist hair strategies can kill the lice, scorching air strategies can kill the nits. You should utilize hair dryer and expose your hair to the recent air to kill the nits.

Dry your hair utilizing hair dryer after washing hair with shampoo. Nonetheless, don’t use the recent air therapy or hair dryer after you apply any hair lice product or chemical lice therapy. Many of the lotions, lotions and sprays might comprise flammable elements that will react when uncovered to warmth. So, keep away from utilizing hair dryer after getting a lice therapy utilizing some OTC product.

Four. Tea tree oil to eliminate head lice

Tea tree oil has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. It’s a pure insecticide.  The terpinen within the tea tree oil is a pure anti bacterial agent. It additionally helps kill lice successfully. Not solely lice, it may well additionally destroy the eggs. Not solely this, it may well soothe and heal the irritated scalp that has develop into itchy as a result of lice infestation. Listed below are some methods to make use of tea tree oil to eliminate head lice.

  • Earlier than you go to mattress, add Three-Four drops of tea tree oil to 2 tbsp water or some oil and apply this to your scalp and hair. Subsequent morning, comb the hair to take away the lifeless lice and wash your hair.
  • Take Three tbsp coconut oil or olive oil. Combine 1 tsp of tea tree oil to this. Add the oil combination to some shampoo and rub this to your scalp and hair. Wrap your head with towel or a plastic cap. After half an hour, wash off your hair with heat water. Moist comb your hair to take away the lifeless lice.
  • Add just a few drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo or hair oil that you just use and apply to your hair and scalp.

5. Vinegar for Head Lice Remedy

Vinegar can also be an efficient therapy for head lice but it surely doesn’t kill grownup head lice. Nonetheless, the acidic properties of vinegar are sufficient to kill the nymphs, the younger lice that didn’t mature but to put eggs. Vinegar can also be fairly efficient in opposition to the nits. The germ killing properties of the acid of vinegar dissolves the exoskeleton or the protecting shell of nits. This makes them incapable of sticking to the hair. As soon as the nits lose their maintain, you may simply comb them away with a nit comb. These are a number of the methods by which you’ll eliminate head lice utilizing vinegar.

  • Apply pure vinegar to the hair, near the scalp.
  • Then, look ahead to a couple of minutes.
  • Moist the hair utilizing both water or water and vinegar resolution (take equal quantities of water and vinegar).
  • Now use a nit comb to take away the nits that may get loosened as a result of vinegar acid.
  • Repeat each day until you utterly eliminate head lice nits and the nymphs.

6. Eliminate lice nits with a picket nit comb

Many of the cures for head lice don’t work on nits. Nits received’t fall off your hair like lice. When you could have nits, combing with common or tremendous toothed comb just isn’t sufficient to eliminate the nits. It’s best to use particular nit combs to take away the nits caught on the hair. It is a very painful course of. Eradicating the nits from the hair is a really tedious and painful course of. It might additionally harm the hair for the reason that hair is pulled tightly from the scalp whenever you attempt to take away the nits utilizing the comb. Nonetheless, that is the one resolution obtainable to eliminate nits and to forestall additional lice infestation.

If you happen to killed the nits and discover no traces of lice, you may minimize brief the hair to eliminate the lifeless nits. That is one more approach to eliminate the menace.

Head lice Prevention

Prevention is best than treatment! In the case of head lice, that is so true. Whether or not or not your baby is uncovered to the surroundings inclined to move lice, you may keep cautious to keep away from head lice.

Selfmade Anti-Lice Oil

Right here is an easy anti-lice oil recipe. Utilizing the oil prevents the top lice infestation and helps you eliminate lice rapidly.

Stuff you want:

  • Neem leaves – 1/2 cup
  • Unrefined sesame oil – Three cups
  • Dried neem flowers – 1 cup (in the event you don’t get neem flowers, you need to use dried neem seeds)
  • Dried tulsi leaves – ½ cup
  • Calamus stick powder (1/Four cup)
  • Add all of the elements to the oil and produce it to a boil.
  • Let it quiet down and extract the oil after just a few hours utilizing a fabric or sieve.
  • Apply this hair oil usually (1-2 occasions per week)
  • Wash the hair after not less than 1-2 hours.

make it:

Whatever the lice therapy you strive (pure or any chemical therapy), be certain to scrub the garments and towels individually, that you just or your baby wore through the therapy.

Preserve the hair clear and wash it not less than twice per week. Nonetheless, it’s no assure for prevention of head lice. If the hair is clear, you may simply take away the lice and delay the infestation.

Don’t share the comb. Use separate comb for each single member within the household.

Whatever the therapy you attempt to eliminate head lice and nits, it’s best to usually comb the hair each day to take away any of it which may have infested your hair. Additionally, killing and removing of nits from the hair prevents additional infestation of head lice.



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