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Do International Students Pay More Tuition And Fees In The US Universities?




The United States of America has emerged as the most popular destination for higher education among international students. With the top tier scholars as faculty, and the best infrastructure in the field, along with excellent placements, the institutions of this country are attracting the brilliant minds internationally. The top schools from 美国大学排名 receive thousands of applications from students across the world, out of which only a select few get the coveted chance to study in the school of their dreams. However the biggest hindrance that comes in the way of an US education for most students is the sheer cost of it.

Cost Of Education

The US education system mostly functions on the fees received from students and private grants, if any. Higher education here does not enjoy any subsidy from the federal government, and this is the reason why higher education in the country such an expensive affair. The cost of community colleges are quite a bit on the reasonable side, however, it is the prestigious private colleges, which are the most sought after, drawing international students to the country. The average tuition fee per year in a private university ranges between $8000 and can go up to $60,000 or more, depending on the institution a student opts for. The costs can go much higher, sometimes even to the point of double, when it comes to an international student, which makes it so much more expensive, along with the high living cost of the country, transportation prices and other costs, which a foreign student would require to travel to, and live in the US.

Why Do International Students Pay More?

The cost of education in the United States comes out to be almost double what an US based student would have to pay. However there are several reasons behind this inequality.

Economic contribution

The fees that is paid by the international students directly contributes to the American economy, as it is an additional sum of money coming out of a student of a different country. Moreover, it is a substantial sum, which is essential for funding education of the school. Thus, international students up up having to pay more than domestic students.

Non-resident tax

Students who come from the same state as their institution pay a much lesser fee for their education than students who are not from the state. This is because the residents of the state have been already contributing to the state coffers in the form of taxes, which non-residents of the state haven’t. Similarly, students whose families have paid the country taxes for all these years get the first priority to their education at a lower price compared to an international student.

Financial Aid

There are several financial aid options, which can be of immense help in reducing the costs of a college education. However, the biggest issue is that most of these aids are available only for US students, which makes it more expensive for international students as they cannot enjoy the aid. There are a few options for foreign students as well, if they fulfill the necessary criteria.

International students can however avail a number of university scholarships, government and private scholarships and grants to help fund their education. is the collection of qualified health professionals, nutritionists, trainers and fitness coaches that work tirelessly to ensure a healthier and fitter future for all our clients.

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